About Us

We are Jess & Deb


We believe we have been brought together for a purpose.  We believe we have both been given a second chance to use our talents and expertise to give back to the community.  We know there is so much more we can do and we pray you come help at an event or donate so we can continue this developing mission.

Show your colors!


Giving back comes in many shapes and sizes.  You might volunteer your time at an event or donate so we can continue to reach out.  Remember any donation over $30 receives an I-Own-It.Today t-shirt and wrist band.  Get yours today by clicking the picture.

Meet some of our volunteers


We asked a few of our volunteers why donating time, money or sharing their talent was so important to them.  Click on the picture above to watch what a few of them had to share.  

Who Are We, Community Service


Our Mission

To provide goods, services, and education to people in need, and inspire all to community service.

Our Vision

That all people will one day have the skills and education to live a full, independent life, and lead their own mission to serve those in need. 

Goods & Giving

We provide groceries, snacks, clothing, and toiletries to assist struggling individuals and families to help make ends meet.  

We also provide opportunity for all to volunteer at community events.  We focus teaching how to share the talents we have with others, and working together as a team servicing those who are struggling.  

With our giving we also provide service connections to help individuals and families help themselves.  It is about growth toward independence not enabling.

Services & Connections

Service categories: health, well being, family support, financial training, LGBT teen and senior support, counseling, childcare, immigration, spiritual guidance, children's mental health and wellbeing, children's creativity and design, AIDS and HIV support, haircuts, cell phones, and meals for the Homeless, 

Our community partners who specialize in these services: Christ Chapel Long Beach, Grace Methodist Long Beach, Long Beach YMCA, Department of Health Children's services, Connected Care Dental, Long Beach Children's and Family Health Long Beach Memorial, Free Cell Phone Services, Law Offices of George Abbes for Immigration law, FoodFinders, Starbucks, CalState Long Beach Food Pantry, AidsFood Store Long Beach, Urban  Outreach, APLA, LGBT Center Long Beach, and LGBT Senior Services LA Center.

How We Educate

Mentoring is a big part of how we educate.  Working side-by-side with a mentor encourages sharing of skills and experience and growth at your own pace. Sign up to volunteer at a community event and meet and work with our mentors. 

We also offer free life skill classes.  These classes are designed to enhance and provide critical life skills, build confidence, foster leadership, teamwork, and create independence.  

Class schedules are continually updated and offered at times easy for the working professionals to attend. Bringing your children is always encouraged.  Click below for class times, dates, and sign up.

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Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on Download to see answers to the most frequently asked questions we typically receive.  Can't find the answers you need, drop us a line by clicking on Get Involved at the top of this page.

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